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Paint mixing cups

Mixing Cups

C1 CC-6 600ml paper cups Box of 1500
C2 PC-600 Polypropylene paint cup 600ml Box of 1500
C3 PCL-50 Poly paint cup lids Pack of 100
C4 PMC-6 Cardboard paint cup 600ml Box of 1000
C5 RL-1 Polythene re-usable lid for PMC-6 Pack of 100
C6 WPP-10 Wooden paint paddles Pack of 10
C7 PPP-10 Plastic paint mixing paddle Pack of 10


C8 SC-400 Supercup 400ml Box of 200
C9 SC-650 Supercup 650ml Box of 200
C10 SC-1300 Supercup 1300ml Box of 200
C11 SC-2240 Supercup 2240ml Box of 200
C12 SCL-400 Lid for Supercup 400ml Pack of 50
C12 SCL-650 Lid for Supercup 650ml Pack of 50
C12 SCL-1300 Lid for Supercup 1300ml Pack of 50
C12 SCL-2240 Lid for Supercup 2240ml Pack of 50

Polypropylene Paint Mixing Cups

C13 PPCUP-385 Polypropylene mixing cup 385ml Box of 200
C14 PPCUP-750 Polypropylene mixing cup 750ml Box of 200
C15 PPCUP-1400 Polypropylene mixing cup 1400ml Box of 200
C16 PPCUP-2300 Polypropylene mixing cup 2300ml Box of 100
C17 PPLID-385 Lid for PPCUP-385 Box of 200
C17 PPLID-750 Lid for PPCUP-750 Box of 200
C17 PPLID-1400 Lid for PPCUP-1400 Box of 200
C17 PPLID-2300 Lid for PPCUP-2300 Box of 100